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Counselling for Depression

Depression is one of the most widespread afflictions of modern times; with the majority of the general population experiencing depression at some time during the course of their lives.

However, some people suffer persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, and an omnipresent sense of all things being pointless; accordingly life has no meaning. This is so very different from just having the occasional 'blues'. Not everyone is a 'glass half full' person, but when you see things in shades of black, it would most certainly be prudent to seek professional help to relieve the pain and emptiness that depression can bring.

Q: I suffer from depression but do not wish to take antidepressant medication; can this be treated in some other way? A: Yes. Contrary to established Psychiatric thought, the majority of depressive episodes can now be found (in the course of extensive Psychotherapeutic exploration) attributable to one or more significant life event, or perception thereof; frequently having occurred within the ages of birth to 10yrs. However, with the management of a particularly resistant and/or overwhelming depressive episode; modern anti-depressant medication can prove a valuable short term adjunct to Psychotherapy.

The adoption of an Integrated approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy for depression, allows us to blend a variety of techniques simultaneously within a single framework. It also means that we can offer you a choice of either short-term or long-term therapy solutions. As a result, we are able to tailor our services to match your individual needs and requirements much more closely than any single traditional form of therapy would allow.

Depression counselling / anti-depression therapy is a process which allows you to talk about your feelings and concerns, within a confidential and supportive environment. It does not involve advice, labelling or judgement. Instead, it provides you with an opportunity to gain insight into your present situation, feelings and behaviour. As a consequence, you will be able to make a clear and informed choice about your future options in life.

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