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What can I expect from Therapy?

What to expect in your first visit to therapy

1st appointments are a two-fold (occasionally daunting) undertaking: For the therapist, establishing rapport, ascertaining the patient/client's presenting issues and/or concerns, whilst assessing if the practice's Psychotherapeutic modalities are a suitable intercession for this person's needs. Secondly for the patient/client, the chance to see if they feel comfortable and at ease with the therapist, and determine what they potentially may have to offer.

You may rest assured however, that therapy here is always respectful and non-judgmental; free of distractions and disruptions. Overall, the focus will be on gaining an understanding of your particular situation; whilst working collaboratively with you, to facilitate in the resolution of your concerns.

Fees for Therapy

When seeking professional assistance for something as critical as our mental health, inter-personal relationships & life-functioning; one might question the wisdom of shopping around based on price alone.

Our fee-for-service reflects the qualifications & years of experience that the Clinician possesses. Unquestionably, this in turn correlates with the Therapist's potency (their capacity to effect positive change). More simply put… the Therapist's ability to help you to achieve the change(s) you seek.

Irrespective of session type (Individual Psychotherapy, Couples' Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Group or Family Therapy), the same flat-fee is applied to each Psychotherapeutic Consultation. For your convenience, payment may be made by all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EFTPOS, and cash. Further clarification may be sought by telephone enquiry, and is of course most welcome.

Convenient payment options for therapy: Convenient payment options for therapy

Cancellation Policy

In order to be effective, therapy needs to take place on a regular basis; with best results occurring when appointments are consistently scheduled and regularly attended.

Put differently, missed appointments jeopardise treatment continuity, and inevitably slow the healing work.

These considerations, and the requirement for consistency in appointment scheduling, are the reasons for our cancellation policy: Appointments cancelled with less than 2 clear working days notice will be charged a cancellation fee at the price of the therapy hour. This policy is representative of the industry standard within the Counselling/Psychotherapy profession.

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